...where hard work and heavy weights are the order of the day...

Last update: May 28, 2015

6/3/03: Old Dude's first installment on building implements for the Scottish Games from common household items is complete.

Old Dude's Weights For Distance and Height How To

5/20/03: Geez, Old Dude's gotta start doing updates on a more regular basis! Got off to a slow start this year and have entered only one Games so far. True to form, I placed second...again...behind Big Jimmy at the Sacramento Valley Games in Woodland but won the Open Stone and Weight Over The Bar. Had the opportunity to meet Alistair Gunn and Francis Brebner there so that made my weekend.

11/4/02: An update...FINALLY! Much has happened since the July update and Old Dude is proud to report closing out the 2002 throwing season with a pair of overall wins:
- 1st place at the West Coast Regional Masters Championships at Ben Lomond, California
- 1st place at the Dixon Highland Games in Dixon, California and set field records in Braemar and Open Stone.
- 2nd place at the KVMR Celtic Music Festival and Games at Grass Valley, California
- 2nd place at the US Heavy Events Championships at Pleasanton, California. Not bad for a one-legged thrower, aye? MPEG videos in the works!

7/24/02:As promised, VIDEOCLIPS! These are from the Dunsmuir House Games. They are in mpeg format so you will need something on the order of the Windows Media Player to view them.

Heavy Weight for Distance

Caber Toss

7/20/02: Always a bridesmaid, never a bride. Old Dude took second place last weekend at the Dunsmuir House Games in Oakland and second place in the annual SAAA Caber Championships. Took second place at the Campbell Games in June and second place in the annual Stone Championships!

6/25/02: Old Dude outdid himself at the San Diego Highland Games at Vista, California, by winning all eight events and posting a 14'6" toss in the Weight Over The Bar event.

5/13/02: Old Dude has gone "dot com". Yes, you see this page at www.old-dude.com so please update your bookmarks/favorites. There will be some changes over the next few weeks so please bear with us. Think increased bandwidth and video clips.

5/01/02: Old Dude tried but he couldn't do it. At the Masters World Championships, April 28 in Woodland, California, Old Dude placed second in age group 50-54 in spite of winning the Open Stone and Braemar Stone put. There's always next year.

3/17/02: Amid the rain, sleet, snow, and sunshine, Old Dude perservered and won the Masters 50+ Aggregate at the Calaveras Celtic Festival in Angels Camp on March 16.

3/11/02: Old Dude took time out from his busy lifting and throwing schedule to examine the construction of an Inch Dumbell training 'bell.

2/23/02: Old Dude has added a double dose of kettlebell goodness to his photo pages. Construction details included!

2/20/02: Old Dude won the Masters 50-59 Aggregate at the Queen Mary Highland Games in Long Beach on February 16. Also snagged the Weight for Distance Championship as well. Great day for the Dude!

1/15/02: Old Dude finally got around to adding some new pictures to his photo pages...to wit, the 2001 version of Dave Draper's Iron Online Picnic. OD says "Check it out."

10/5/01 Old Dude won the West Coast Regional Masters Championship at the Loch Lomond Highland Games on October 6th in 50-54 age group. Second time in three years...Woohoo!! No PR's but advanced the field record in Weight Over the Bar to 14'6" for his age bracket.

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Welcome to my garage! Compasses don't work right for blocks around my house because there are over 2900 lbs of iron plates, barbells, dumbells, and throwing implements out here!

I have trained for strength for many years and have learned what works for me.  What I do is simply that...what ~I~ do.  It might work for you, too, but then again it might not.  As the saying goes, "Your mileage may vary."

I am a Masters Class competitor in the Highland Games.  Yes, one of those guys who tosses "telephone poles" and such. By the way, the log is called a "caber" (CAY-burr).

I've posted a few pictures here of me competing at the Games. If you've the inclination to try some of these things yourself, please be patient.  I'll eventually get around to listing the various places where you can obtain the necessary information and equipment.

Till then...

Be Strong!  Be Well!

My Clan crest and tartan

Old Dude at the Queen Mary Games with the 117 lb "Idiot Stone".
Note spectator's expression.
February 17, 2002
Long Beach, California

Old Dude putting the Braemar Stone...all 20.2 lbs of it.
September 29, 2001
Dixon, California

Old Dude tossing a 42 lb weight over a 14'6" high crossbar.
The weight is equivalent to a five gallon jug water.
September 29, 2001
Dixon, California