Old Dude's 2001 Highland Games Photo Pages
(Last updated 5-31-2001)
This is a photographic attempt to capture my year competing on the amateur Heavy Events circuit in California. It largely represents what I saw, some of what I did, and the wonderful people I met along the way.

Live Long! Throw Far!

-= Photo Albums =-

Sacramento Valley Games 2001

Mariposa Games 2001

Modesto Games 2001

Campbell Masters Stone Champs 2001

Campbell Games 2001

Dunsmuir House Games 2001

Loch Loomis Games 2001

Pleasanton 2001 Masters Class: Weights!

Pleasanton 2001 Professional Class: Weights 'n WOB

Pleasanton 2001 Masters Class: Weight Over The Bar!

Pleasanton 2001: Award Ceremonies

Grass Valley Demo Games 2001

Dixon Highland Games 2001

Loch Lomond West Coast Masters Regionals 2001

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